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“Through our commitment to growth and continuous improvement, we will provide service excellence while manufacturing superior products that exceed the quality expectations of our customers.”

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Corporate History

historic photographStrataflo Products began in 1939 as White Machine Works, founded by Starley M. White. The first products manufactured were valves for US Navy submarines. Not long after, Vernon L. Tannehill joined Starley White to develop a line of check valves, foot valves, pump strainers, well screens and well seals under the brand name “Strateflo.”

In December of 1941, the name was changed to “Strataflo” due to a name conflict. The Strataflo valves were known for their “famous” rubber poppet, being leak-proof. Their design on the rubber poppet was unique to the industry and earned the respect of pump manufacturers and professionals in the well industry. This design, the same as is used today, featured a cone-shaped rubber head that was molded over a steel insert. The strength of the steel insert provided rigidity and durability, while the molded rubber gave a leak-proof seal.

In addition to the standard rubber poppet, Strataflo patented a metal poppet design for use with a metal-to-metal seal. These stainless steel poppets were precisely machined for a tight seal and used in oil, gas, and steam applications.

Strataflo has long had a reputation for quality, ever since the first products were developed. Strataflo supplied the well industry with many types of standard products, including yard and wall hydrants, pond screens, pump strainers, well packers and adapters for over 40 years. Strataflo eventually discontinued the well supply products to focus on its industrial check and foot valve lines.

While the check and foot valves are still used in the well, plumbing and irrigation industries, they have gained great acceptance in industrial markets, being used by equipment manufacturers of all types. Strataflo valves are used in diesel engines, rail cars, heavy construction equipment, restaurant food fryers, commercial dishwashers, fire suppression equipment, yachts, racing boats, offshore oil rigs, water softeners, fire trucks, rescue equipment, military vehicles, car wash equipment, and the list continues.

The reason Strataflo is used in both plumbing and industrial industries today is because of the quality advantage developed in 1939. The Strataflo poppet design has a clear quality advantage over traditional seals, which is why the design has never changed. Today, Strataflo uses modern manufacturing equipment and processes to continue its tradition of excellence.

With each valve still individually tested, our customers are guaranteed quality; and when our customers’ reputations are at stake, Strataflo is the only choice.