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Custom Valves

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In addition to our standard line of check valves and foot valves, we also manufacture custom valves for OEMs.  These valves are made to our customers’ specifications, utilizing the same quality manufacturing processes of our standard line.  In many cases, our customers prefer to use our standard valve, with slight modifications, in order to more completely work within their application.

Use the form below to contact us about your custom valve.

Using our 3D modeling software, we can import 2D drawings and 3D models in order to fully evaluate your custom valve project.  Each custom valve opportunity is reviewed for manufacturing feasibility, volume, and final application liability.  We will generally only review projects for valves that have already been designed and engineered, as we do not provide engineering services for valve concepts.  This being said, we may need to suggest modifications to a design to either facilitate our manufacturing systems or greater functionality.

Size Range: 

We machine all of our valves using CNC Lathes, as well as a variety of other metal-working equipment.  For in-house machining, we can facilitate outside diameters between 1” and 5”.

Body Materials: 

We machine valves from various brass alloys (C84400, C83450, and C89833); however we do have access to most brass alloys through our foundry suppliers.  There are other foundry options if stainless steel or ductile iron is required.

Sealing Materials:

Our standard line of valves is offered with Buna-S, Buna-N, EPD, Neoprene, and Stainless Steel sealing materials.  We do have the ability to offer other compounds, such as Viton and high-temp Nitrile.

Cracking Pressure: 

Our standard springs have a cracking pressure between 1-2 lb.  We do have offer 1/2#, 5# and 10# springs in varying sizes, and we have the ability to make custom springs.

Locking Nuts: 

Each standard valve comes with a specific locknut, designed to best match the poppet style.  Valves can be custom fitted with other styles or combinations of locking nuts than our standard design.

Shipping Options: 

Our valves are normally individually packed and shipped with heavy-strength corrugated boxes.  We can find custom packing solutions that would better suit the receiving and assembly needs of an OEM.  By using a partition system, we can eliminate the individual valve cartons, thereby improving the time necessary for OEM to install our part on an assembly line.

Labeling Options: 

If custom labeling solutions are necessary, we can produce various sizes of barcode or text labels.  Depending on your needs, these labels can be applied to either the individual valve cartons or on the outside of each master shipping box.  For individual part labeling, we can apply simple printed labels or heavy-grade aluminum engraved labels.

Valve Body Modifications: 

There is some flexibility in how the outside of our valves can be machined.  If modifications to the valve body cannot be achieved with our standard design, we can offer custom body styles that would incorporate our high quality internal design with a specific body design that best fits a specific application.

Custom Machined Products: 

With our expertise in machining, we can also consider projects to manufacturer and machine other types of metal parts, not just valves.

Our valves are manufactured with a high standard of quality, and we apply that same philosophy towards any custom project. With the value added services noted above, we can create or manufacturer a solution that best meets your needs. Please complete the form below and attach your part drawings (if applicable). We will review your opportunity promptly.

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