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Growth & Improvement

We are always interested in learning more about the applications in which our valves are used. Additionally, we would like to know if you have an interest in sharing different product opportunities with us. "We always want to have a mindset of 'constructive discontent', to ensure that we continually strive for growth and improvement", says Strataflo President Thomas Beaver.

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About Us

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Strataflo valves offer fully-formed poppets made of varying types of rubber compounds or stainless steel, depending on the application. We do NOT use O-rings! These fully-formed poppets, along with other high quality internal components, are the most durable solution available in the market, saving our customers unnecessary maintenance and replacement costs.

We are committed to manufacturing high quality, American-made check and foot valves. Adhering to Strataflo's tradition of excellence, each valve is tested twice, ensuring casting integrity and backflow prevention. Since 1939, we have used the highest quality materials to serve our customers with a product of superior workmanship and reliability.

Strataflo takes a tremendous amount of pride in producing a quality product that exceeds the needs of our customers; and that all of our valves are 100% American-made of only quality components. Our valves are checked at different stages throughout the manufacturing process to ensure they meet the high standards. Once the valves have been machined and are ready for assembly, Strataflo runs two tests that ensure a leak-proof valve.

At Strataflo, we strive to be world class in service excellence. Your full satisfaction is our primary goal. To this end, Strataflo provides prompt, courteous service; expert technical assistance; custom valve design; and same-day shipping to ensure timely deliveries.