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check valveCheck Valves

Strataflo check valves are manufactured from a one piece cast brass body. Each check valve is designed to operate in any position, as a sensitive spring has been added to close the poppet automatically.
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foot valveFoot Valves

Strataflo foot valves insure perfect operation of the pump and save many times their cost in service. They are manufactured from a one piece cast brass body. The unique strainer consists of a helically wound stainless steel spring.
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lead-free valveLead-Free Valves

Now offering our same high quality valves with lead-free materials, certified by NSF to contain less than 0.25% lead by weighted average. The lead-free series is compliant with California AB1953 and Vermont Act 193.
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custom valveCustom Valves

In addition to our standard line of check valves and foot valves, we also manufacture custom valves for OEMs.  These valves are made to our customers’ specifications, utilizing the same quality manufacturing processes of our standard line.
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photo of Stratflo Valves

Discover the Strataflo Advantage!
poppetsStrataflo valves offer fully-formed poppets made of varying types of rubber compounds or stainless steel, depending on the application. We do NOT use O-rings! These fully-formed poppets, along with other high quality internal components, are the most durable solution available in the market, saving our customers unnecessary maintenance and replacement costs.

ISO 9001:2008 Certified

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